Carrie Vanston
                                                        ​Goodbye "Fight or Flight," Hello Genius Intuition!

Executive Coaching  

CEOs of innovative companies in the $2-50 million range, break through on those great new ideas and aspirations and achieve the goals you feel most passionate about quicker and with less stress. Studies have consistently shown that working with a partner increases your emotional intelligence, productivity, and ability to make the right choices. I help my clients shift themselves and those around them from low fight-and-fight energy to the turbo-charged opportunity and intuition energies that lead to employee retention, productivity, profit, and fulfillment.

As an experienced advisor and a Professional Certified Coach with the top-rated Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), I work with clients based on the 7 Levels of Leadership Core Energy that we act on in our daily professional and personal lives. 

Benefits of working with me one-on-one:

  • A supportive partner that is 100% concentrated on you
  • Clarity around your objectives
  • Solutions that resonate strongly with your values
  • First action steps to move forward in a realistic, practical way
  • Support and validation of your path forward and your breakthroughs
  • Accountability every week
  • Strategy so you move quicker with less stress
  • Bonus! The powerful online  Energy Leadership Index shows where your leadership energy is under normal circumstances and where it is under stress. ​​Then helps you shift it to higher levels!
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because you owe it to yourself to lead with your highest energy.   Let's talk! 



Like a personal trainer, I move you past your business and personal blocks and turbo-charge your results by challenging, cheering, and holding you accountable.
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Carrie has been providing me with executive coaching services for 4 months now. I have greatly benefited from her focused approach to guiding me through several leadership challenges. Her listening abilities and probing questions have enabled me to gain a better understanding of several situations and relationships."
~Nancy Edgar, Community Health Choice

My first experience with an executive coach was recent and with Carrie Vanston. Carrie is a consummate professional. We met by phone 3 times and each time I came away having learned something useful in my personal life as well as my business life. I highly recommend Carrie's services.
~Gerald Wagner, PhD., President, Academy of Culture Ambassadors

I walked away with a deeper understanding of where and how stress was showing up in my personal and professional life, and with a feeling that I could start to make small adjustments to reduce the impact of that stress.
~Lyndsey Kelly, Lead, Lyndsey Kelly Coaching, LLC

Carrie helped me identify triggers I should keep on eye out for and offered tips for how to redirect my energy to the level which inspire with creativity and entrepreneurship.
~Ashley Harper, Founder, Harper Strategy

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