Escape the Alligator Pit of too many demands and frustrations!
Become a more ​​effective, fulfilled, and happy leader!

Get Out of the Pit, Stay Out, and Move On 
Energizing Your Leadership One-on-One Intensive 

As a CEO, business owner, or other business leader do you sometimes feel you are
in an alligator pit with the constant bombardment of countless responsibilities,
personalities, and expectations? Do you struggle to develop strong connections
and inspire loyalty from your people with so many demands of your time, energy,
and resources snapping at you? As the visionary of your organization, do you
need to up your game in terms of processes, strategy, and accountability to lead
your organization's growth?

Imagine what it would mean to your business—and life—to raise your leadership

and energy levels and get out of that pit, stay out of that pit, and move on with a
strong, visionary plan for your future and the future of your organization.

Utilizing Carrie's proven nine-step process through a powerful customized system,

she can help you do just that by dramatically raising your energy levels, significantly improving your communication skills, and giving you the tools to lead your organization into the future successfully and profitably.

  • Session 1: Establish Baseline
  • Session 2: Discover Leadership Strengths and Gaps
  • Session 3: Lay of the Land
  • Session 4: Tap Into Your Super Power
  • Session 5: Nurture High Energy Relationships
  • Session 6: Power Up Dynamic Communication
  • Session 7: Be the Visionary
  • Session 8: Develop Your Epiphony Story
  • Session 9: Turbo-Charge Your Future

How open-minded are you to learn more? What questions do you have? Would you whether continue being stuck in fight or flight and compromise or move on to win-win, fulfillment, and success?

Schedule a 30 minute complimentary session or call Carrie at (512) 258-8898
because you owe it to yourself to lead with your highest energy.  Let's talk! ​


I help you change your core thoughts to positive, interact for true win-win, and clarify your leadership "why" to turbo-charge your success and happiness.

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Carrie provided exceptional personal coaching for me and vision development facilitation for my organization. She significantly raised my leadership energy levels in the areas of emotional intelligence, dynamic communications and influence with her extremely valuable personal coaching. ​​
~Dave Glanzer, CEO, SO LArMAR

I greatly benefited from Carrie's focused approach to guiding me through several leadership challenges. Her listening abilities and probing questions helped me to gain a better understanding of several situations and relationships."
~Nancy Edgar, Executive Diretor, Human Resources, Community Health Choice

Carrie is a consummate professional. I came away having learned something about my business life as well as my personal life. I highly recommend Carrie's services.
~Gerald Wagner, PhD., President, Academy of Culture Ambassadors

I walked away with a deeper understanding of where and how stress was showing up in my personal and professional life, and with a feeling that I could start to make small adjustments to reduce the impact of that stress.
~Lyndsey Kelly, Lead, Lyndsey Kelly Coaching, LLC​​

Carrie helped me identify triggers I should keep on eye out for and offered tips for how to redirect my energy to the level which inspire with creativity and entrepreneurship.
~Ashley Harper, CEO, Harper Strategy

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