Escape the Alligator Pit of too many demands and frustrations!
Become a more ​​effective, fulfilled, and happy leader!

 ?How deep is your team stuck in the pit

Falling into the proverbial alligator pit of teams or staff working at working at cross purposes, infighting, or just not engaging with what needs to be done eventually leads to an organization in a downward spiral in success, profitability, and sustainability. I provide a group assessment and two powerful customizable programs for getting you out of that pit by supporting the vision and mission of the particular team or the organization as a whole.

Energizing Your Leadership: Group Assessment & Debrief
Your team will discover where their group energy is under normal circumstances and where it is under stress and how to shift that energy to higher levels within the group. I will share assessment results and lead the discussion and interaction among the Team for greater understanding engagement, and team-building.

  • Discover where Team as a whole falls on the 7 levels of leadership spectrum
  • Identify barriers and conflicts that are holding Team back.
  • Energize thought patterns that change Team actions and results.
  • Leverage existing strengths and relationships
  • Identify new ways of thinking and operating
  • Establish deeper connection with each other
  • Begin to work together in defining priority goals.

Energizing Your Leadership: Getting the Team Out of the Pit

This 9 Session program creates and grows strong business teams that tackle issues and challenges with maximum energy and engagement. ​ When you strengthen and align your team:

  • Decision making becomes easier
  • Engagement is deeper
  • Innovative increases
  • Culture improves
  • Fulfillment and happiness increase
  • Retention grows

Taken together, the team becomes more effective and successful.
Energizing Your Leadership: Staying Out of the Pit with Vision, Mission, and Values

Turbo-charge your team’s engagement and energy with team alignment, connection, and buy-in to the organization’s vision, mission, and values.


  • Vision, mission, and values articulated, shared, and discussed, and aligned
  • Maximum connection and insight for the leader and all team members
  • Leader and team feels cared about and feels their views are valued
  • Easier decision making, more engagement, greater innovation, more fulfillment, greater productivity, and more profit.

The bottom-line is, by moving foward with a common vision, mission, and values, profitability and sustainability follow close behind.

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