Carrie Vanston
                                                        ​Goodbye "Fight or Flight," Hello "Win-Win"!


As a CEO, you being the visionary means believing in and driving initiatives by getting buy-in from the team so everyone understands where you are headed and they feel they on a bus to success.​ Even the most well-meaning, intelligent people get distracted and confused without a compass. When you align your goals and people, decision making becomes easier, engagement by all stakeholders is deeper, innovative increases, culture improves, and fulfillment and happiness increase.
With Carrie’s custom programs, bring your people together and ensure they are not only engaging but are energized and working in sync toward your highest-priority goals.
Getting Out of the Alligator Pit – And Staying Out

Get your people out of the proverbial alligator pit! We are constantly bombarded by countless responsibilities, personalities, and expectations. It’s no wonder we sometimes feel frustrated, long for deeper connections, and crave a clear path forward.


  • Dramatically raised energy levels
  • Significantly increased “Win-Win” relationships and outcomes
  • Shared vision inspiring people to move forward successfully and  profitably

Audience walks out with practical tools to increase their core energy and leadership skills.

Keynote – 30-60 min
Keynote & Breakout – 60-90 min 
Half Day
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Energizing Your Vision, Mission, and Values Workshop

Turbo-charge your team’s engagement and energy with team alignment, connection, and buy-in to the organization’s vision, mission, and values.


  • Vision, mission, and values articulated, shared, and discussed, and aligned
  • Maximum connection and insight for the leader and all team members
  • Easier decision making, more engagement, greater innovation, more fulfillment, greater productivity, and more profit.

Half Day
Some of the places Carrie's presented: 

  • WorldFutures 2015
  • WorldFutures 2014-2013 Master Courses
  • Morgan Stanley’s Investing with Impact Conference
  • RISE Conference
  • BiG AUSTIN’S Latin America Regional Project
  • Women in Technology Multi-Regional Project
  • Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland
  • Product Camp
  • University of Texas’ SAGE Program

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"I have had the pleasure of working with Carrie Vanston over the course of several years. Carrie gave a great presentation at the World Affairs Council about the importance of creating and growing business cultures that encourage engagement and innovation. The audience was inspired with examples and ideas to bring back to their offices for their own development. I recommend Carrie to other organizations looking to create and grow strong, connected organizations."
~Ben Ramirez III, Executive Director, World Affairs Council

"Carrie delivered an enlightening presentation at the Central Texas Chapter of World Future Society. She shared with us her company's years of research on how businesses can look for novel opportunities and encourage engagement and innovation in their organizations, "
~Anne Boysen, Founder, After the Millennials; Vice President, Central Texas Chapter of World Future Society

"I went to a presentation by Carrie and learned a lot about engagement, collaboration and innovation
in organizations. It was excellent. I highly recommend Carrie as a presenter about these topics!"
~Richard Atkinson, Advisor to Entrepreneurs, Access Creative Power

  • Central Texas World Future Society
  • West Point Society
  • World Affairs Council
  • Technology Forecasting for Valuation Conference
  • International Multicultural Festival
  • Six Square: Austin's Black Cultural District;
  • ​Launch Pad
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