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Team Building  

Engaged AND Energized!

As a CEO or other business leader, you being the visionary means believing in and driving initiatives by getting buy-in from the team so everyone understands where you are headed and they feel they on a bus to success.​ When you align your goals and people, decision making becomes easier, engagement by all stakeholders is deeper, innovative increases, culture improves, and fulfillment and happiness increase.

Carrie provides two powerful custom programs for creating and growing strong business teams that support the vision and mission of the particular team or the organization as a whole.

Program One:

Energizing Your Team Workshop

  • Discover where your team falls on the Seven Levels of Leadership spectrum
  • Identify barriers and conflicts that are holding your team back
  • Determine your strengths and gaps
  • Learn to change the teams thought patterns to positive and change your results
  • Embrace a new system that allows your team a new and better way to view and interact with the world and the people around them.

This powerful program creates and grows strong business teams that tackle issues and challenges with maximum energy and engagement. 

Program Two:

Energizing Your Vision, Mission, and Values Workshop
  • Vision, mission, and values articulated, shared, discussed, and aligned
  • Maximum connection and insight for the leader and all team members.
  • Leader and team feels cared about and feels their views are valued
  • Easier decision making, more engagement, greater innovation, more fulfillment, greater productivity, and more profit.

The bottom-line is, by moving foward with a common vision, mission, and values, profitability and sustainability follow close behind.
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